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ISD Solutions was founded in San Diego in 2005 as ISDataNet Consulting Services.  Over the next decade, ISD expanded into a wide arena of technology solutions.  Working closely with local companies in a variety of industries, ISD worked to create solutions which enable companies to move forward with minimal interruptions in IT.  Early on, ISD Solutions recognized the advantages of setting up private cloud solutions, and as such, established a local infrastructure which could be backhauled to customers to open up an array of IT opportunities.  Today, this has resulted in a wide array of services at affordable price points.  Whether a customer is looking for Managed Services with a predictable monthly bill, or Pay-As-You-Go services, ISD is able to offer the flexibility needed.  Our first class data center services, as well as partnerships with cloud providers, create a synergy where clients can get enterprise performance and uptime without the steep infrastructure cost.  

Jason Rollo
Founder and CEO

Jason Rollo, President and founder of ISDataNet Consulting Services, has been working for over 2 decades in the Information Technology field. Jason began his career at Optimal Networks, where he was a QA Engineer for their groundbreaking Appliation Expert product.  Working with the engineering team enabled him to learn in depth about how networks and systems function.  He concurrently studied Computer Science at UCSD, which enabled him to build upon his knowledge gained at Optimal.  Following his studies, he started his IT Consulting career, exposing him to a wide array of technology solutions. The expertise gained in this arena allows him to employ a wide array of strategies and technologies when crafting customer solutions.  Whether a customer needs local or cloud infrastructure, Jason is able to leverage the right complement of solutions to ensure uptime, reliability, and performance while staying within the confines of the budget provided. 

Rafael Lacson
Help Desk Specialist

Rafael joined the team in 2022 as a Help Desk Specialist. Rafael has previous experience as an IT Coordinator, Service Technician as well as a Customer Service Specialist. He initially started his career in a Fuel Management company in Florida working as a Service Technician but also assisting in the day-to-day IT operations when needed. This allowed the exposure of IT, networks, and how to troubleshoot computer issues. Afterwards, he would be promoted from within to IT Coordinator for the office for 4 years.  

Rafael graduated with a BS in Information Technology from Florida International University.

Eligio Rollo
Co-Founder and CFO

Eligio Rollo has over 30 years experience in the computer field. He’s the co-founder and co-owner of ISDatanet Consulting Services, specializing in a wide array of technology solutions. Eligio holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University Of Hartford.  Prior to his work at ISDatanet, Eligio held a variety of positions in the technology field.  His extensive networking experience begin when he worked as the Director of Software Engineering and Operations at NWI.  This continued at 3Com where he held the role of System Engineer.  Additionally, he was LAN/WAN Data Network Engineer and Designer at CCN.  He also spent time in the Systems Administration arena when he worked as the Digital Equipment Vax cluster System Administrator at Aetna.  He published a “Case Study” article in Networking Magazine September, 1997 issue, on a Wide Area Network integration project, of which he was the Architect and Designer.

Erin Bixel
Executive Assistant

Erin joined the team 2016 as an executive assistant.  Erin comes from a customer service background, bringing her previous retail experience and processes to the ISD Accounting and Tech Support Departments.  Erin Graduated from CSUSM with a BA in psychology. 

Ben McDonald
IT Consultant

Ben has worked in the tech field for over 25 years for companies such as Pacific Life and EuroAmerican, and has been a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) since 1999.  He is familiar with all Microsoft products from workstations to servers.  Ben is well educated in computer technology, with two (2) Bachelors degrees and a Master’s in Information Technology from University Of Nebraska.   


He has a proven track record of  using technology  to help streamline business processes.    Ben has helped many businesses move to the cloud and administered Office 365 since it’s early days.  He specializes in security, network design and has built many intranets using SharePoint.  Ben was responsible for the $30 million, 5 year “DR” datacenter project, built  in Omaha Nebraska for Pacific Life.


Ben currently resides in Oceanside with his wife and daughter.

Kyle Hamburger
IT Consultant

Kyle has spent the past few years working as IT manager for Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa in Mammoth Lakes, CA. In that role, he was responsible for their Office 365 environment, several other cloud-based services and various hotel industry specific software. He maintained and supported 20+ users and computers.


Kyle obtained his Bachelors Degree in E-Business from Cal Poly, with an emphasis on Customer Relationship Management. He has applied those skills, along with his proficiency in computers, for the past ten years in the hotel industry, both in Mammoth Lakes, CA and Reno, NV. He has finally ditched the snow of the Sierras for the warmth of southern California. 


Kyle resides in the Poway area of San Diego County.

Deanne West
Senior Network Engineer

Deanne brings over 15 years of experience as a System & Network Engineer. Her role is two-fold: First, Designing and installing networks and systems; and Second, supporting clients' Windows servers. Deanne gets great satisfaction from her ability to resolve support issues as they arise in a manner that clients understand and appreciate. She is very committed & passionate in providing excellent support.


Prior to working for CSC, Deanne spent 9 years as a Systems Engineer in the corporate IT department for Caesars/Harrahs Entertainment in Las Vegas.

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